Same Day Crowns

At Full Heart Dentistry, we understand the value of time and convenience. That’s why we’ve invested in dental technology that can restore your smile in just one visit. With CAD/CAM dental technology, you can now have your dental crown fitted and placed in a single appointment—unlike the past when you had to wait weeks for the dental crown to return from the lab while hoping that your temporary would last.

What is CAD/CAM Dental Technology?

With Cerec there are five main steps to the dental restoration process: preparation, impressions, design, creation, and placement.


  • Prepare – we remove a minimal amount of dental structure to prepare the tooth to support a restoration
  • Scan – a compact, handheld scanner allows us to capture precise digital impressions of the prepared tooth that are immediately available on a chairside monitor to design the custom dental restoration our patients need to repair their smiles
  • Create – the computer-assisted design system allows us to use the digital impressions to create a design for a flawless restoration
  • Fabricate – the design is sent to an in-office milling unit where high-quality dental ceramic is shaped into a custom restoration
What are the benefits of same day crowns?

With same day crowns, we can eliminate goopy impressions from your dental treatment. Additionally, gone are the days of a temporary crown AND the return visit for the permanent crown. 

Will my insurance cover same day crowns?
This is the same crown you would get if you waited the traditional 2-4 weeks and most insurance covers some to all of the costs. Please feel free to contact our office to discuss your benefits and coverage.

Comfort & Amenities

  • Methods to help desensitize teeth before treatment
  • Shaded glasses for light sensitivity
  • Blankets & pillows
  • Lip balm

5 Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Improved, natural appearance
  • Strong, long-lasting option
  • Comfortable
  • Eat, smile and speak with confidence
  • Keeps surrounding teeth healthy

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